You are in charge of the old "Rusted Berkarat", the best spaceship in the galaxy, at least that's what your crew says. Things aren't going well for your (illegal) business so you decide to attack the overpopulated city of Qytet. Hope everything turns okay, maybe with all the money we can get some repairs for the ship.  

Abduct all the people that you can so we could sell them in the Black Market and get some quick money.  


 'A' 'D'  or  <- ->   :    move left/right        

'S'  or  Down        :    use the claw/beam   

Click on the Shop and get upgrades with the money that you get. Watch out for the clock, if the time passes you will be send to the next round immediately.     

Art by Sara López

Programming by Sandra Valverde

Music by "Joe Reynolds - Professorlamp" ---


Download 23 MB

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